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CPanel Server Management: Single Ticket

Technical Support and administration of PLESK VPS or Dedicated Server. CentOS 6+ as operating system is highly recommended for PLESK. Single ticket for each issue.

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Technical Support and administration of CPanel VPS  or Dedicated Server. CentOS 6+ as operating system is highly recommended for CPanel.

This service is valid for a single ticket to troubleshoot a single issue.

The issue can include one of the following:

Hardware Maintenance for dedicated servers

Hard disk replacement can be a really hard tasks for a regular users and is an aspect that's usually neglected. We will check the hard disks for early signs of hardware failure and inform you of the status if a problem arises. Depending on your hosting provider's policy we will also manage the replacement procedure protecting your data. 

Setup Additional Server Protection from spam and malware

We can setup additional security tools like rkhunter and maldet malware scanner to check your server on a schedule and inform you on new findings. Optionally we can adjust the security sensitivity for really hardened security.

Professional Consulation in administration matters

We propose solutions regarding projects that require specific applications and setup rules in order to function correctly in CPanel's environment.

Server Optimization

Optimization of MYSQL, Maria DB, APACHE, NGINX and PHP for optimal performance. We will fix issues where they overuse the server's resources or maximize resource utilization in case of problematic setups. A ticket needs to be purchased for each service optimization

Identify the root cause of an issue

We always try to identify the root cause instead of treating the symptoms. That way we can achieve faster resolution of the problems, prevent additional damage and also secure the server from future issues.

Install software

We can install additional software on your server. For example ruby, new php versions, imapsync, ioncube, git, etc. One ticket needs to be purchased for each installation

Software updates

You can ask us to install updates at any given time or under a schedule to minimize downtime. We will check that all services are working after installing the updates.

* For very complex issues that cannot be resolved with one single task or encompass multiple tasks, we will contact you first and either issue a refund or ask for a small additional fee on a per case basis

** This service does not include upgrading websites or web applications


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