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What is Responsive Web Design?

Sometimes when you visit a website on a smartphone or a tablet you need to zoom in or out or scroll right and left to be able to read the page, or access a certain element. Other times you find that the content extends beyond the screen limits and generally you had an unpleasant experience that might have stopped you from browsing the website. That happens because mobile devices were not taken into account when the site was designed.

Responsive web design is the answer to this problem. It's a set of rules and techniques that allows page elements to be rearranged so as to better fit the size of the screen. Also content can be maximised or minimised in order to be more readable. The goal of responsive design is improving user experience and user engagement.

Why is responsive design necessary?

Usability & Coherence

You can maintain your website's style accross devices while presenting the same content in a frendlier manner.


Did you know that since 2014 smartphones and tablets account for over 60% of total online searches and that it's increasing?

Mobile Website

You don't need to create a second website just for mobile devices thus lowering your development and maintenance costs.

Increase sales

Make it easy for your customers to buy while they are among friends or when relaxing on their sofa after a long hard day.

Who needs it?


The main reason to use responsive design in e-shops is the increased conversion rate of visitors to customers. This is achieved in two ways. Firstly by making it easy for the visitor to hit the buy button on their smartphone or table and secondly by using the mobile device to find the product and then buying later on their desktop or laptop. Finally responsive web design is a key factor for google rankings.

Business websites

Even if your business cannot sell it's products or services directly from its website, users will search for your contact information or your map location through their mobile devices. That way they can call you or visit your location even when they are on the move. It's a proven fact that using responsive design increases the browsing time of your website making it easier to convert more customers.

Can it be applied on any website?

The answer is a resounding yes! Any website, even if it's original design doesn't account for mobile devices, can be converted to responsive. After we perform an analysis of the content, the target group and its level of mobile familiarity as well as the underlying technology, we can provide you with options for either redesigning your website or building a new one if upgrading the current system isn't cost effective. We always work on a development environment to ensure that your website will be operational with very little to no downtime.
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