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What are templates or themes?

Content management systems and e-commerce solutions like Joomla, Wordpress or Magento can use extra code that enables them to change their appearance to better fit the website's owner's sense of aesthetics while maintaining a consistent look across all pages and aspects of the website.
That code is usually referred to as template or theme. Also in many cases templates come with extensions that provide extra functionality that is not available in a base installation. While it is possible to create a theme from scratch, a service that we offer at IOWEB Technologies, buying and installing a template is usually the faster and easier way to launch a website.
Template, Theme installation for Wordpress, Joomla, Magento

You bought a theme, now what?

Usually, by buying a theme you get access to all its files and the installation guide. Unfortunately, it's often the case that things do go as easily or well as they are described. It's very likely that you will encounter one or more of these errors

  • A white screen that means that the installation couldn't be continued
  • PHP version error which means that there is an incompatibility between the theme and the PHP version installed in the system.
  • Database error, a problem with the system's database engine (Mysql or Postgress)

What do you gain?

  • A professional installation service
  • Your personal time
  • Deployment in two working days

What's included?

  • Template Installation
  • Fixing any incompatibilities
  • Thorough testing

How much it costs?

price for template installation

Request a template installation

The offer is for installing a new website and not for upgrading an existing one


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