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Case Study: News Site

Overcoming adversity

The project

We were approached to upgrade and redesign an established local news portal. However the website was too old and there was no direct upgrade path which would make the process too risky. We thus decided to create a new website and transfer the data there.

Technical specifications and requirements


  • Utilization of the latest version of Joomla

  • Incorporate the K2 component for publishing articles

  • Bootstrap Framewort application for perfect mobile and tablet presentation

  • Interaction with social media


  • Transfer over 10,000 articles and their images while maintaining their links for SEO purposes

  • Modify the template to suit the portal's logo and look

  • Create space for advertising local businesses


Our greatest challenge was transfering the data from the old site to the new. Due to the big difference in the CMS version between the old portal and the new one and due to some addons that were installed on the old site, we were unable to use the API in order to transfer the articles. So we opted for a more direct approach and we added directly to the database, after ensuring its integrity.

The second issue we faced were the time constraints. Since while transfering the data the site couldn't be updated with new content, we put in the manhours and completed the project in record time.

Finally, since it was a very successful site with lots of ads, we had to design in such a way so that the ads will fit seamlessly with the content without annoying the user. So, we created positions for the ads in places where they would break the monotony of the text and we introduced movement to grab the eye.
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