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Web apps allow you to work from everywhere you are. The nature of the Web gives you the opportunity to access your application fron any place in the globe that has internet access. These applications don't need to be installed, they can be used under any operating system and are available 24/7.
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SMS Sending php web based application development

Web development of After Sales support application with shipment tracking

This custom php web based application was ordered by a company that needed to be able to automatically follow the progress of its shipments and to, via sms, inform the receipients when their parcel has arrived at their location. All the company needs to do, is to enter the shipment information and the recipient's mobile number and all else will be handled by the application.

This way, the company can avoid unnecessary delays and misunderstandings while providing excelent after sales service to the recipient.

As an added bonus, the system will send the sender an email whenever there's a problem with the shipment thus enabling them to resolve the issue by contacting either the recipient or the courrier service.

Does your organisation need extra functionality;

Web based stock management application

The development of this custom php web application was ordered by a retailer with many physical locations and a Magento based e-shop who needed an easy way to manage its inventory's stock. Since Magento handles its stock automatically when there's an online purchase, we created a POS system to handle physical sales.
The system is comprised of three integrated web applications
  • A barcode creator
  • Label creator application that prints the barcodes
  • POS with barcode reader to add or subtract stock

Company observations

Reduction in e-shop management time75%

Improvement in the handling of the physical stock with the labels60%

Happy with the result100%

The process


Assign barcode to product

When a product is created in Magento, it is automatically assigned a unique barcode

Label printing

Labels with the product's name and barcode are printed and placed on the product's packaging.

POS Application

The sold product's barcode is scanned and its stock is automatically subtracted from Magento


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