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eshop leasing

Rent an eshop from 30€ / month

Why should I lease an e-shop

The biggest obstacle in building a trully operational e-shop is the cost of the initial investement. So we decided to remove it by offering a leasing solution where you can pay as you sell. With our leasing model you can have a high return of investment for a very low initial sum. We offer a complete e-commerce solution based on Magento, the best e-commerce platform that is flexible enough to support you in everythink you can think of to boost your sales. Let your e-shop pay for itself and unlike other solutions you always have a buy out option.
If you are still unconvinced read below about the benefits of our solution.

The advantages of leasing an e-shop

Building a Magento e-shop
Magento is the most capable e-commerce platform, extremely scalable and it can accept thousands of users and products with no speed penalties.
Skroutz και Credit Card ready
Responsive Design
SEO Friendly
Buy out option
Continuation Guarantee

Lease an e-shop

Marketing and analytics tools

Our basic package is equiped with all the necessary tools that you can use to improve your e-shop's reach and take advantage of multiple sales channels.
More particularly we offerι:
  • We connect your store with Google Analytics so that you can view all visitor data.
  • Social share capability so that your products can be easily shared in social media.
  • Newsletter registration form for use in email marketing campaigns.
  • Facebook like box.

Magento Community + Magento Enterprise23%

Wordpress + WooCommerce14%

Oracle Commerce11%


Joomla + Virtuemart 5%

How do we start;

1. Analysis

 After solid discussion we assertain your business' operating style, we pinpoint your goals and we find the best way that these can be transfered in your e-shop. 

2. Deployment

We create all those elements that will allow you to easily add all your products and content and we deploy your e-shop so that you can start selling as soon as you are ready.

3. Training

We offer comprehensive training in all of your e-shop's sections that you'll use so that you don't waste time in tutorials and videos for every little thing.

Choose the template that matches your business

Ενοικίαση e-shop για είδη μόδας

Fashion e-shop

A beautiful template suitable for fashion items such as clothes and shoes.
Ενοικίαση e-shop ειδών ομορφιάς

Cosmetics and beauty products

Stunning in its simplicity this theme is great for cosmetics and perfumes.
Ενοικίαση e-shop ηλεκτρονικών

Consumer electronics

Modern design that puts your business in the forefront of technology.
e-shop for restaurants and fast food


For the food enterpreneur. Food delivery and booking has never been easier.

10 reasons to rent an e-shop

  • Low investment cost

  • You can attract lots of customers through marketing

  • Having an e-shop enhances your business' profile

  • You can offer better customer service

  • Customers can find information easily

  • Low maintenance cost

  • You can sell 24/7 immediately

  • Much lower cost compared to a physical location

  • Your physical location is unimportant

  • You can access a global market

Do you want to lease an e-shop from us?


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